Introduction to canyoning

26 February 2016

This morning, we are excited to FINALLY have an adult activity… Well, almost as Mael is also joining us. But at least we can be introduced to canyoning, an hybrid  sports between climbing, nature walk and swimming. The goal is to follow a river bed and wherever there is a waterfall, we go down in it!. This is the kind of activity that is often offered in the most beautiful places we visited during this trip, but as our children are too young, we never can participate.

Upon our arrival in Turrialba, we contacted several companies that offered this kind of adventure, and here too they could not take children under 8. We have expressed our discouragement to the owner of the house where checked in and after a few calls, he managed to help us … He found a guide who agreed to go canyoning with Mael, 6 1/2 years! Mamie Lise is staying with Lohan, which was key for us to be free, for just a few hours.

Instead of providing you with long text, I present a short (0:52) and a long version (3:15) of this beautiful morning activity. Unfortunately, both are in French, but you should get the key words anyway…


Short version (0:53)


Extended version (3:16)

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