January 2016


León: Highs and lows

Our hotel in León is the Flor de Sarta. The two owners, Benjamin and Sandrine, are absolutely exceptional. They had set out to find the best doctor for Papy when we arrived and after, their generosity was boundless. They took several hours of their time to serve as interpreters with nurses and doctors, have facilitated the […]

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In a coffee plantation

Today is our longest drive in this trip to Nicaragua. Sounda started her day first by bringing her father to Granada for a blood test because his wound continues to ooze. The plasma loss is significant enough to worry Sounda, who wishes to have a blood test done to better interpret vital signs. Meanwhile, Mael found a unique specimen of hairy caterpillar. […]

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A island just for us

Today, we definitely change context! We leave our urban life to move on an island, on our island. We will be alone on a tiny island that is part of an archipelago in Lake Nicaragua, which is still close to the city of Granada. The taxi picked up at the hotel and we went to the marina where […]

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Granada in Nicaragua

We barely crossed the aircraft door when we realized that we would, once again, renew with new discoveries and experiences in Nicaragua. I must saw that the month we spent in Florida seemed a little long, even if we had the chance to visit many of our parents and friends. Our main goal during that month was however […]

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Gibraltar and the Balearic Islands

(Best moments of 2015: 7/7) After Seville, we visit one of oldest city of Spain: Cadiz. Then, we take a beautiful weather window to Formentera in the Balearic Islands. We can even spare a one-day stopover at Gibraltar. Then our dream to find beautiful anchorages with warm water to swim around the boat will be fulfilled.

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At the gates of Europe

(Best moments of 2015: 6/7) In our series of videos that summarize our 2015 trips aboard Jayana, we now arrive in continental Europe. The family splits for a week, the time required to convey Jayana from the Azores to the South of the Portugal. Maël will be victim of stomach pain violent enough to visit the hospital. After the […]

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