At the gates of Europe

7 January 2016

(Best moments of 2015: 6/7) In our series of videos that summarize our 2015 trips aboard Jayana, we now arrive in continental Europe. The family splits for a week, the time required to convey Jayana from the Azores to the South of the Portugal. Maël will be victim of stomach pain violent enough to visit the hospital. After the family reunion and a short stay in Portimão, we say farewell to Kim, our crew that was with us for 3 months.

A friend from Quebec, Véronique, come join us for a leisurely cruise along the coasts of the Portugal and Spain. Finally, we leave the boat in Rota and move in an apartment at the heart of Seville. This city has conquered our hearts remains, to this day, the most beautiful city in Europe that we had the chance to visit.

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