Crewing aboard Jayana

When we envisioned our project to sail extensively around the world, we made the choice to have a cabin available to take on one crew. Their (envisaged) role was to give us a helping hand with the children (play, schooling, language) and household chores (meal preparation, dishes, cleaning, laundry). We then discovered during our travels that they also allow us (sometimes despite themselves) to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our own limitations. The experience has been really positive. For example, two anglophones helped the boys acquire the skill to understand and speak English!

In general, we appreciate the presence of an additional crew as they bring new energy to the dynamics prevailing on board. So, we always have a cabin at the disposal of those who would be interested to join us for an unforgettable adventure. We mainly recruit using our profile on Findacrew, but if you have an interest to join us, just contact us directly.


June 2016, April-June 2017 (Austria)

Nina has been working in Washington for several years in international development. She took a break of a few months to see her family again in Austria and above all, to reflect on her dreams and ambitions for the future. Driven by a thirst to learn every aspect of life on board, she aims to buy her own sailboat eventually. She also adores spending time with children, having lived for a few years in a family as an au pair. We had the pleasure to welcome her in June 2016 and for a 3-month stay to end our trip with her from May to June 2017.



December 2014, November 2015 to January 2016 (Québec)

Melanie contacted us through FindACrew and, as she lived nearby (Ottawa), she immediately caught our attention. She joined us in time for the final preparations for the trip, celebrate Christmas and participate in the initial cruise to shakedown some new systems. She has developed a great complicity with the kids despite her stay of only 2 weeks. In fact, she’s so charming that we offered to adopt her!

A few months later, she contacted us with a dream she would like to realize: cross the Atlantic for her 30th birthday. We accepted and took her onboard from November 2016 to January 2017.


May to July 2015 (Slovenia)

Kim worked one year in New Zealand and traveled a few weeks in Australia prior to her stay on Jayana. We initially planned to spend six weeks together, but she finally stayed with us three months. She joined us the Virgin Islands and together, we visited Anguilla, St. Barthelemy, St. Martin, Montreal, the Azores and Portimao (Portugal). Her love for life and her eternal optimism were much appreciated on board.


August 2015, August 2016 (Québec)

Véronique is a longtime friend of Sylvain. A friendship that goes back twenty years, following a meeting request placed in classified ads. Epicurean, distinguished, generous and cheerful, her stay aboard Jayana lasted only ten days but has forged strong ties with each member of the crew. She was on a spying mission that will soon allow her to realize the dream of a loved one… Aboard Jayana, she was able to discover the south of Portugal, the south west of Spain and Seville during Summer ’15.

She joined Jayana again a year with her daughter for a 2-week stint in Greece.


August-September 2015 (Australia)

Jesse Clare stay aboard Jayana was 5 weeks, She has been able to visit Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca with us. Her first crossing lasted 24 hours between Menorca and south of France, where we stored the boat for the winter. She also stayed with us for visiting Barcelona, her last stop in Europe before we returned to Canada. After her stay on Jayana, she continued her travels in Europe before returning to Australia to enter university. She was an invaluable help several times and we appreciated her ability to perform any task with enthusiasm and perseverance.


January to February 2015 (Québec)

We met Helen when staying at a youth camp in the Eastern townships of Quebec. She was host to a group of toddlers when she heard of our travel plans. One evening she came to us to tell us that our dream inspired her to the point of having goosebumps every time she spoke about it. She had always wanted to spend time on a sailboat. Her boldness was rewarded: we offered her to leave Florida and discover the Bahamas with us. She was able to live her dream during the two months she was with us.


June 2014 (Québec)

Celia had the thankless task of opening the way for all of the following crews. She was our first crew for a stay of ten days around Bimini, Bahamas. She was able to discover our way of life and how the proximity of a boat can become intense at the relational level. Intense, colorful and cheerful, she’s a charming and determined person who leaves no one indifferent.

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