A family traveling on sailboat Jayana


Lavezzi islands

Thematic night

Piana island



Maël loses his 3rd teeth

Exploring mountains



June 11

Initiation #2 for Nina: the mast

June 8
Lerins Islands

Jayana in front of l’Esterel

June 7
Île du Levant

June 3
Meeting old friends (Lilly Rose)

May 25
Calanques de Marseilles

May 16
Madeloc tower

May 10
Jayana is back in the water

May 9

May 10

Mar 23
Back home for 6 weeks

Visiting a Bri Bri tribe
Mar 20

Poás volcano
Mar 10

Mar 9

La Paz
Mar 6

Atlantic coast
Feb 28

Pre-columbian treasures
San Jose
Feb 20

Rio Perdido
Feb 2

Who are we?

Canadians traveling on a Beneteau Sense 50

After dreaming about it for ten years, we live the adventure of our lives with our two boys (3 and 6) aboard a 50′ sailboat. Our route is rather unusual: our first year of Travel (2015) is Eastbound: Florida to the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean). The family takes a break from the sea early in 2016 with a 3 month journey in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. (on land) Then we return to the boat to continue further east, to the Greek Islands and Croatia. We then will return to the Caribbean to get back to “Island Time” for Christmas. You can follow us on Facebook or by subscribing via email. Links are at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Latest news

Returning at sea

That’s it, it’s now official, Jayana will find the sea in a few weeks for new adventures! Our faithful mount, having found no new owners, could not resign himself to remain locked in Lake Champlain. The kids were eager for new adventures on the boat, but “not at the lake” did they bother to specify. […]

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Jayana’s Monster

Those who follow our blog know that we carry a monster aboard Jayana. However,  we almost always have incident every time we let loose. Since we own Air Jayana (our drone) to capture aerial views, my ultimate goal was to capture images of the monster in flight. Today, I finally got the pictures I wanted so much, […]

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The French Riviera

We would like to present you our most spectacular images taken in the first month we spent in Europe. We revisit our time in Leucate to prepare Jayana for her second year of voyage up to our stay in Cavalaire-sur-Mer, in the St-Tropez region. (sorry for the French version only)

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The Galamus Canyon

After leaving our friends in the boat Asfar in Toulouse, Carcassonne was our next stop. I had heard the name a few times, without ever doing research on this city. Our rented house on AirBnB was located at the foot of the castle, so I was able to appreciate the vastness of the site when […]

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The location on our blog – how does it works?

One of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our website concerns the map located at the bottom of the home page. Updated in real time (or almost), it shows the exact location of Jayana and all movements of the crew. Many ask how can we present this level of accuracy of our route? Before dwelling into the technical […]

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Where are we?

Crossing the Atlantic ocean, en route to the Azores

AIS Locator

By way of the onboard AIS tranceiver onboard and a network of land-based VHF antennas, it is possible to locate about every cargo on the planet. Jayana is equipped with such transceiver, so you can follow her progress on MarineTraffic.


Two satellite tracking devices are hidden onboard and they are used to track in real time any boat movement. The advantages are numerous and our relatives are relieved as in case of danger, rescuers will always know where to find us.

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