Puerto Rico (US)

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Everything to be happy

Warm weather, beaches, mountains, jungle, mangroves, deserts and surf

Puerto Rico is an unknown destination for most Canadians and that is worth visiting. First, the climate is one of the most consistent on the planet: 24C in winter and 27C in summer with force 3 winds (10 mph). Welcoming People are welcoming like nothing we experienced in the Caribbean. The beauty of the island, with its mountains and jungle, is unsurpassed in the region. We did a terrestrial journey Puerto Rico, leaving Jayana at the marina for about thirty days.

Puerto Rico (US)

San Juan

Sounda, the boys and papy Jean visited San Juan while I was doing my solo crossing from George town (Bahamas) to Fajardo (Puerto Rico). They arrived by plane and were able to appreciate the beauty of the city for several days. The fortifications of the city are important because it was the fortress where the Spanish ships filled their ships with gold looted from the Incas, before heading to Europe.

Puerto Rico (US)


Jayana and Sylvain arrived after their 6.5 days crossing in Puerto Del Ray marina. We left the boat behind to travel twenty days by car and in villas around the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The area around Fajardo is rich in contrasts. There are beautiful beaches of golden sand, a rainforest where it pours 5 meters of water annually, mangroves where you can go canoeing, ruins of the second world war, etc.

Puerto Rico (US)


Second largest city in the country, we stayed only two nights. The city itself is only a shadow of what it was, with large blocks of abandoned houses in the heart of the city. However, we liked exploring the surroundings…

Puerto Rico (US)


Our base camp in the mountains, from where we could really experience the charm of Puerto Rico residents. Our stay was too short for there is much to do in this part of the island that is not on the main tourist track.

Puerto Rico (US)


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