Upon departure, I sounded good 40 years! I could not have been happier to choose the year in which my biggest dream. Because at 40 I think about my life, my nature, my values, my aspirations. I also think about the legacy I want to give my children so they can in turn have a happy life full of opportunities and dreams to fulfill. Thus, this big turn in my journey will be extremely favorable to review the past, to find me otherwise and to build my life plan for the coming years.

The genesis of this life-changing project

For me, this desire to discover the world, dates back twenty years. I then traveled a lot with my parents and I was in my first trips with friends. A passion for discovery and scenery was so strong that I already had the dream to travel the world in a great and long journey. Therefore, it was just one January-February trips a year and I opted for formulas and always different styles. I even traveled several times only to challenge myself and to increase the degree of adrenaline! The outlandish stories, mishaps, unforgettable encounters, the physical and mental challenges that I experienced are so many that I struggle to remember each of these unique moments. This exploration of the world, its beauty and its people allowed me to open my horizons, to get to know me more, to push my limits and shape little by little my dream of traveling the world during a great journey.

It was in 2005 that there has been a crossroads of my dream of exploring the world and sailing. I then met a man sailing enthusiast who introduced me to his boat all summer. I immediately loved this slightly bohemian lifestyle that connects us with nature and with ourselves. A few months later, I dreamed of sailing and travel, which led me to enroll in training to get my basic patent cruise. Once the patent in hand, I rented boats with captain in summer 2006 and 2007. It is through these experiences yacht charter with captain I found myself on that Sylvain, a young wolf sea captain, who was my age and above who was animated by the same dream !!!

The years passed and the events of life, however, we never lost focus on our common destination. Our sailing trips were moments of great happiness for which we have gained confidence and experience. It has become increasingly clear that our family unit bit into each of these adventures and we redemandions !! Our journey on Jayana 4 months, our new boat purchased in 2012, when Lohan was only 12 weeks and 3 Mael, was very revealing because we realized that we were able to live together within ‘a small environment for an extended pérode. Above all, we were very happy backpacking family on Jayana!

There was never any doubt that our dream would eventually happen, but there has long been disagreement about when to achieve it. The reason is simple: there is never a perfect time to undertake such a project and what is important for me is not necessarily Sylvain. Thus, we have procrastinated long time, but fortunately common ground was found and a starting date was set.

Already, I can say that to undertake such a big life change requires time to think about our apprehensions to streamline and control. Our mind periodically tries to outsmart us scaffolding us a series of fears from our education and society. We must succeed gradually to dissociate and one of the ways that I have personally used is to keep the focus on all the positive aspects that such a change of life brings. I have had positive and stimulating thoughts, which has gradually taken over my fears and fears that are still present, but less energy and quieter. Among the positive and stimulating thoughts I have chosen, there those that relate to my life that scrolls so fast and I see my children grow and change just as quickly. Get more out of my life time, my health, my marriage, my children … that is what appeals to me in the depths of my being and that will fill me with happiness.

“Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever “- Gandhi

Why opting for a sailing trip?

First of all, I have to introduce myself as an explorer, a traveler. The marine side attracts me a lot of course, but I do not have sea legs it would take me to fully appreciate the sea as Sylvain little taste! My fragile face swell of the sea and the waves breaking will be regularly tested, as in our previous expeditions, but I will face this challenge as before.

Beyond the pleasure of discovering new landscapes, cultures and varied gastronomy, I am deeply happy to live surrounded by water. I never tire of the spectacle unfolding before my eyes, day after day, especially when I see my children marvel in turn.

The fact of traveling comfortably with our belongings, sleeping in our bed and to cook good food is also an important factor in our decision to travel by boat with the kids.

This type of trip brings thrills from time to time which does not displease me at all! I must say that I’m attracted to sports, activities or trips that come out of my comfort zone and pushing me to go always a little more.

Ultimately, this sailing adventure trip would not see the day if I had not met, the serendipitously, my love Sylvain, there has this close to 8 years. Sylvain is an exceptional man, a wonderful life partner, an accomplished father and a captain in whom I trust completely! I firmly believe that the success of the tour is the strength of our relationship, our ability to communicate and of course in our mutual desire to achieve it.

My sailing resume, training and other skills


2006-2007: sailing yacht charter with captain

2007: team member on a sailboat 35 feet to Lake Champlain and Sylvain meeting on his yacht;

2007: Admiral on our sailboat or boat rentals.


2006: Basic Cruising Patent CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) to Lake Champlain;

2009 VHF marine radio courses;

2013: Intermediate Cruising Standard of CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) in Rimouski;

2014: Course maintains, tips and tricks when you’re away from it all & First Aid by the Company of Quebec Rescue;

2014: Course amateur radio (review in May 2015).

Other skills

1997 to 2014: Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager at National Bank Financial;

2005: Diving Certification Scuba advanced.


  1. Comment by Pat Davies s/ v Chez Patrick

    Pat Davies s/ v Chez Patrick Reply 30 September 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Hi Sounda. We met on the pontoon in Palma a few weeks ago. Did you make it to Canet yet! I’m here in the Zone Tecnique. Be nice to stay I touch. Regards pat

    • Comment by admin

      admin Reply 6 October 2015 at 1:31 pm

      Hello Patrick,

      Thanks for thinking about us! We have just arrived in Leucate as it was impossible for us to get a space in Canet. What we’ll do however is to move the boat to Canet next spring to get her ready for our upcoming travels. Hope that we will see you there!

      I hope you had a safe return home,


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