A island just for us

19 January 2016

Today, we definitely change context! We leave our urban life to move on an island, on our island. We will be alone on a tiny island that is part of an archipelago in Lake Nicaragua, which is still close to the city of Granada. The taxi picked up at the hotel and we went to the marina where a small boat is waiting for us. Transfer to the island takes at most 30 minutes and upon landing on the land, we started our exploration. There are two buildings: one with our rooms and another with the kitchen and additional rooms. For playing, there is a petanque area, a pool and a few hammocks and thats it!

A few minutes after having returned the room out some stuff, I hear Sounda yelling for me. She’s next to her father, who’s injured on his left leg. He tried to climb on a small platform when he lost foot and felt forward. By the time of my arrival, the blood was flowing like water. I managed to stop the bleeding by using good pressure, but the wound is not pretty and quite deep. Sounda takes over to make a bandage. Over the next few days, she will change the bandage at regular intervals. However, the wound oozes a large quantity of a transparent liquid called exudate.

The lady in charge for cooking prepared us our best lunch in a long time: a crispy fish in a tomatoes and onions sauce. It was finger-licking good! The day ends with a boat ride between the islands where we can observe birds, huts, and some houses installed on nearby islands.

January 14

This day is dedicated to laziness and trying to reconnect with our inner vegetative state. The only exception we made to this rule was a small kayak ride. It was quite short for me: I stated to have stomach pain and the caught I had developed was developing into a bronchitis.

January 15 

The day begins with Sounda caring about her dad’s injury. The wound still oozes and she wants to get a second opinion on the wound. Our agenda is rather free so she went into town with her dad to see a doctor. From my side, I take a boat with the kids to a black sand beach where we can we swim, hunt butterflies and enjoy a beautiful morning.

Sounda returns in time for lunch with her dad and some anti-inflammatory drug. The day ended with a beautiful boat trip where we heard howling monkeys. We also stopped within a few feet of an island where several monkeys have elected domicile. (Or rather, some men have brought monkeys on an island for the benefit of tourists…)

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