June 2015


The crossing – the movie

You liked the little video for a minute that we published on Facebook two weeks ago? If Yes and that you were looking forward to see the full movie, well I have the honour to announce that it is now ready to be viewed! Without further ADO, if you’re curious to see the twists and […]

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Earth! (Uh Paradise?)

Two days before making our landfall in the Azores, I made a proposal to the crew… As our pace turned out to be fast enough to be ahead of our schedule, I proposed stopover in Flores before heading toward Horta. I had heard a lot of great things about this island from other captains and as it is almost on our […]

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Crossing (day 12)

Nothing to report. I have to force me to write some news as it happens so nothing I have not much to tell… Bulk, here are the highlights of the last 3 days: 9 June Rainy day. Everything is wet in the boat and as we are more and more to the North, it’s cold. […]

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Crossing (day 8)

Less ahead behind. This morning, I still had the gummed eyes when I pulled out the head outside to greet Serge who was on watch in the cockpit. It’s seeing bundled up in her wax and I realize that we are going to North… Morning are increasingly chilly and the air is much cooler. I […]

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Crossing (day 7)

Now a week we are at sea. We will pass the psychological course of the 1000 nautical miles traveled, or 45% of the distance between St-Martin from the Azores. If all goes well, we’ll get in 8 days, on 15 and 16 June. There is a festival in Flores on 17 and another at Faial […]

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Crossing (day 5)

Happiness after crap. Finally, things come to place to offer me a little time to give you news. In aviation, we often repeat pilots how to prioritize tasks in the cockpit: aviate, navigate, communicate. First, it ensures that fly, then it arranges to go in the right direction and finally, when the flight parameters are […]

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Crossing (day 2)

A swordfish on the menu Our second day at sea was still passed to the close hauled or knitting to find wind. The engine for 13 h was used to avoid the speed goes below the 5.0 nodes. Comfort on board is still fair and we have another two days to endure this uncomfortable pace. […]

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Crossing (day 1)

Now off the coast Here is our first live news from the Atlantic. Yesterday, as expected, we left the marina to refuel diesel and win the bridge that allows boats to pass St. Marteen Lagoon to the sea. We had adjustments to make on the large sail to avoid glitches on the road, so we […]

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