Crossing (day 7)

7 June 2015

Now a week we are at sea. We will pass the psychological course of the 1000 nautical miles traveled, or 45% of the distance between St-Martin from the Azores. If all goes well, we’ll get in 8 days, on 15 and 16 June. There is a festival in Flores on 17 and another at Faial 24. If we can, we will try to attend…
Other breaking important late afternoon today, we can say that our days are pretty relaxing. Yesterday has passed with for only adrenaline our encounter with a cargo ship. The monster was in place throughout the day and we had great performances. On the other hand, we avoided a disaster because two ropes raguaient on parts of the boat. After a few experiments, we selected a solution that worked well.

Serge was the first bread on board, for the happiness of our palates. As the vessel was virtually no cottage, I proposed to the crew listening to a film by circumstance: 1492. It is the story of Christophe Colomb and passion go West to discover a new continent. By chance, he took the road of the 28th parallel and it is exactly at this place we were listening to the movie…

Today was another day of rest. My night was not the best and I spent most of the day to relax. Nevertheless, I did a loaf of bread. Around 16:00, the boat suddenly stopped and Serge shouted at me that listening to the Monster (spi) had broken. I just had the time to get outside to see it fall into water. It is caked against the hull and I used the lack of speed that we always had to change the course of the boat and avoid sailing gets tangled in Saffron or the foot of engine. The monster was lying full length against the hull and we weren’t too of the three to empty it of its water and reassemble it on board. Fortunately, the sail suffered no damage. However his sock (that allows us to climb it easily) is destroyed on half the length. The Monster will be out until the end of the trip. Too bad, because it has brought us so proudly for the last two days. We would have been useful for another 72 hours because later the weather changes and we had to change it to an another sail. I’ll send it in the doctor once in Horta.

Tomorrow morning, we will show in the mast (once again) because it seems to be possible to draw on a fragment of halyard to allow us to replace the Zero code. And in the afternoon, we have planned a small special activity… I’m looking forward to speak to us!


Yes, it gets excited for it! (The cargo on the horizon line) 🙂


The automatic door was getting the disorder, so I disabled it.

IMG_4907The gastronomy on board Jayana

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