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The location on our blog – how does it works?

One of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our website concerns the map located at the bottom of the home page. Updated in real time (or almost), it shows the exact location of Jayana and all movements of the crew. Many ask how can we present this level of accuracy of our route? Before dwelling into the technical […]

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15 days to go…

«Goodbye!» I said to a friend before leaving the marina. «Bye, when to you come back?» «In two weeks. The time needed to prepare our house for the departure, make our luggages and bring the family back to Fort Lauderdale.» I realized at the time I said these words that we only have 15 days […]

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60 days to departure

There are only two short months that separate us from our great start. Two months down long lists of things to do in order to prepare the boat and the crew home to the epic awaits us. While Sounda is busy preparing for the school board and needed to keep us healthy, I focus on […]

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