How to do a mural at Horta

2 July 2015

It is a must-see nautical tradition: all boats passing through Horta must leave their mark for the rest of travel is good omen. I read for the first time on this subject in the V’ manicure and see how all the walls are occupied by murals, all crews that are crossing the Atlantic are superstitious!

Time began to miss you and even if their heart was not present to accomplish this task, it had nevertheless do. Our departure was scheduled for the next morning and we had no paint, brushes, etc. Thanks to a good Samaritan who told us a deposit of paintings left by other sailors, some pots were found. After a caucus between Sdgsdgsd, me and Kim, there were differences of opinion. Sdgsdgsd called me a work of quality and something quick and simple. So I took the reins of the project while Sdgsdgsd was of Mael and Lohan.

We mixed a few pots for black, but we did not think the asphalt is used to absorb as much paint. We had to make 3 mixtures, all with a different dark grey tint… Very ugly as a result! Next time you buy black, it is the bottom a day and the wall the next!

It has at least an effect interesting bonus on our yellow typography on bottom-dark-pas-sec… 🙂

IMG_5208 IMG_5210 IMG_5215 IMG_5222 IMG_5223

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