15 days to go…

20 November 2014

«Goodbye!» I said to a friend before leaving the marina.

«Bye, when to you come back?»

«In two weeks. The time needed to prepare our house for the departure, make our luggages and bring the family back to Fort Lauderdale.»

I realized at the time I said these words that we only have 15 days before we leave … We are currently experiencing a compression of space-time and each day seems extremely short . I feel like a skydiver who approaches the door sill just before the plunge. I live with a cocktail of moods that includes dizziness, anticipation, stress and excitement. We would have extra weeks to adjust to perfection all our stuff but it will not. As you can imagine, there are many details to resolve before casting off. We do our best then we must take pride in watching the path, and learn to give up the we still need to … ‘in Quebec.

The last two weeks were intense. I left Sounda and children at home and I returned Jayana for a new series of works. My priority was to undertake any work that required the transformation in our cabin site. When women and children are on board, they will not leave me the opportunity to dust fiberglass monopolize their beds to accommodate boat or pieces littering the floors of my tools. When I am alone, I can be very productive because I can take up to 5 projects in parallel. I can afford to put a project on hold pending the pieces that are missing to allow me to move forward. Once a day, I take the time necessary to leave the marina and go to Fort Lauderdale, where all the stores ship. These round-trip are part of my daily life because it is not uncommon for a project ask me a dozen shopping chores: it’s a lot of non-productive time!

New solar panels

I received my new 112W ultra thin panels Solbian to be placed above the bimini. As I had spent a lot of time on improvements in solar energy during my last trip, I limited myself to visit Canvas Designers in West Palm Beach. During this visit, we decided the final location of the panels and the best way to fix everything. Obviously, I’m still an innovative because no one there had seen this kind of panels and even less do an installation directly on a bimini. We will see the result on our next trip.

A new mattress

Beneteau is a bit stingy mattress side … The best description I can make our bed is that it consists of two patties foams bonded together to provide a queen bed. On each of my visits to the boat, I sleep well but I wake up with numbness in the arm. So I decided last trip to try a Tempurpedic mattress. There was an improvement, but the result was quite soft. I was looking for a solution for more comfortable, but with a mattress with a real support. So I managed to find a company that West Palm size Tempurpedic mattresses in the form requested and can even reduce the thickness required. So I ordered a Tempur Breeze which will be delivered in early December. The crack between Sunda and I will be eliminated for the delight of our dodos spoon!

Transform a shower in laundry room

On my last trip, I had drawn 3D plans for temporary property that would be developed in the shower port (which we never used). I entrusted the implementation of this cabinet to the Key Vault (Montreal) and my boyfriend Andrew (catamaran Panorama) graciously transported some 300 pounds of plastic to Florida. Upon arrival, I quickly started this project to not let the pieces deteriorate in the sun. I found placing the panels of the cabinet in the shower that my actions were not perfect but the most important were. I could adjust the rest on the spot to get a very good result! I also decided to simplify my life for certain technical aspects … Instead of changing the drainage of the shower to accommodate the washing machine, I’ll opt for a removable pipe to be hung on the edge of the sink when each use. The water inlet valves will be on the shower and 220V electricity will be easy to get to this place. The biggest challenge I had to hand draw the furniture is finding a washer that is less than 42 cm deep to pass through the door. It is available in Europe and Asia, but not in America. After dozens of hours of research on the Internet, I resigned myself to proceed with the import of this equipment to the USA … A chance Pascal (boat Lilly Rose) is in France and can give us a labor as a local intermediary!


Genset raw water intake

All owners of Beneteau Sense I met have major problems with their generator. A series of design errors from Beneteau and Onan (which makes the generator) render unusable the generator most of the time. She refuses to operate under the pretext of a problem with the cooling water. I spent countless hours in order to understand the problems and I was able to implement a solution that works very well. My first great invention and iterations I’ve done to improve it.

Clogged by seaweeds

The first problem is manifested in the non-return of the water supply valve. The idea of such a valve is commendable because it is intended to prevent water from escaping from the supply line by gravity. But engineers have overlooked the need to filter the water before the valve and not after. (Design fault Beneteau). In year 2 Jayana, I asked Florida Yacht Group to reverse the positions of the valve and water filter.

Impeller is self-destroying

The pump that feeds water generator is mechanically operated. The workings of a turbine generator rotate rubber, which draws water used to cool the generator. It is a proven and applied in all water cooled engines principle. However, in discussion forums, there are many owners of generator model that I have problems with the life expectancy of their turbine (it must be replaced every 50 hours). At this rate, it means dismantling part of the generator every week to enjoy the electricity and air conditioning. No thank you. (Design fault of Onan).

My research led me to a radical operation: removal of the turbine and the addition of rubber on the water supply to a 110V electric pump powered by the generator. Last June, when the generator stubbornly refused to work, I installed components for ‘patch’ system and I managed, to the delight of the crew, to run the generator long enough to enjoy the air conditioning all night. As I was under pressure to find a solution, I was not too happy with my setup (son lying around, eighth installed pump, hose so overwhelmed with restriction). I had to redo the complete system …


Do you like bubbles?

Did you know that when a boat is moving, there are thousands of tiny bubbles which slips under the water on the surface of the shell? I made this discovery while trying to run the generator in navigation. Gradually, the bubbles enter from the intake under the boat and replaces the water in the hose. (Like when you blow into an inverted underwater glass). When there is too much air in the circuit, the turbine loses its premium and rotates in a vacuum, not sucking more water. It must then disassemble the system and purge air, which is a nightmare every time. My solution is simple: allow the bubbles to escape before going to the generator. A simple side with a T connected to a vent pipe whose mouth is above the waterline.

Here is a picture of the latest iteration of my system: it costs me $ 150 pieces of plumbing, $ 350 for a pump and $ 200 for a good filter. By cons, be sure that the generator will run at all times, it is priceless.

Drain the oil and stay clean hands

Any boat owner who respects himself must do his oil changes. The Beneteau Sense, accessibility of the engine and the generator is excellent but the locations of drainage and oil fill are really poorly thought out. In fact, it is impossible to make such garbage without damage. I imagined a system of valves and pumps to automate all through a single switch. The first version of my system had 3 inputs (generator oil, engine oil and oil can) and one output. I loved not having as much 4 coiled pipes dripping oil from time to time. I thought that if my pipes were removable, I could store between uses. After walking long aisles filled with plumbing parts, I stumbled upon connectors for pneumatic devices. Waterproof and easily removable, it was exactly what I needed. So I rebuilt my system with these parts and now it is effective, simple and clean!


I had a little surprise while trying to start the engine and génétrice, two days before having to leave with the boat. Both starter batteries were completely botched. They were replaced by new AGM batteries.


After these projects, it was time to take a walk with the boat for its facelift. A new paint under the waterline, wax on the sides and maintenance of the transmission. I’m always nervous when I go alone with the boat but it’s like riding a bike … … confidence and technical back fairly quickly. I placed a GoPro to shoot a time-lapse of the navigation of two hours, but I did not press the right button, so I do not have equipment available for you.

Sometimes I think my boat is small but when I see him out of the water, I gigantism our realistic mount. Luckily I had found people to do the work of sanding and painting. I did not see me take an astronaut suit under the sun for draping râbler, scrape and scrub the hull. I quite often with Veloce now, I prefer that oversee the work done. When we look at the health risks of inhaling solvents and toxic dust, then the decision is even easier to make.

The time spent in the dust during the boat allowed me to advance my woodwork. I worked a lot with the people of Seafarer to make the pieces of wood that I drew. Thanks to their work, I was able to assemble the sections to redo cabinets that I had cut in the kitchen to place the new dishwasher. Like anything on a boat, several iterations were needed to complete the assembly. I had to change the width of the drawer to the right of the dishwasher and I took the opportunity to improve backstage stronger. It’s just a shame to have given so much trouble for a project that ultimately does not seem at all to the casual observer.


Then I attacked a dirty project to install a fiberglass reinforcement to fix a crack that occurs between the deck and the cabin amidships. To do so, I had to go behind the leather panels that make up the finished ceiling of the boat. I thought it was installed on the ceiling snaps or velcro so I stupidly pulled … … until hard all. That was my moment “oops” of the trip, because I had to break a lot of the attachment of a plastic clip … In fact, the boards are tongue and groove ceiling of one the other through these clips, then start faillait ends to undo the center. Murphy’s Law made me choose the only board screwed to both sides, the number ‘uno’ in place during installation. Oh well!

Having understood the principle it was a breeze to unscrew, unplug the power on and off the stage one after the other. It was just so easy to manipulate these long flexible ends alone. But I arrived to find that the place I wanted to go was blocked. In fact, structurally, the deck is pressed against a mold that gives it rigidity. Cracking is from a zone of intersection between a structural wall, the mold and against the deck. The only way my project was to practice a wide opening but just hid behind a large package of instruments son connecting the mast to navigation systems. Cut the son meant that the work would last very long … Did I really get into such an adventure? What was the importance of resolving this crack? I decided to live with and give my idea of reinforcement. However ….


Ceilings removed, I realized that I had a golden opportunity to spend son. Why not turn the cab in home theater? The sound system consisted of two original Bose speakers (but chic sound reproduction near a cane processing) and a subwoofer (subwoofer) locked in a storage near the floor. Yes yes, as trapped in trying to talk with a hand over her mouth … A chimpanzee would have made a better sound design! Therefore faillait I put my personal touch. So I have quadrupled the size of the existing wiring speakers and spent two new son to have a system 5.1 surround . (Plus the cable is big, the better the details provided by the speakers). I also found a perfect place to locate the subwoofer: up next to the air conditioning unit, so with two large vents to let the sound waves. A fifth speaker is placed just below the TV to complete the home theater system. A new amplifier 1000W (with a provision for a 2nd) should provide sufficient power for our discos. I had a lot of trouble finding me a Dolby 5.1 for electricity on a boat is 12V, forcing me to take pieces usually designed for the automobile. But you have many cars with home theater systems? After hours of research, I found a very compact Dolby decoder serves as HDMI switch. The problem is that he had just been discontinued! After several nights of intensive research, I finally found a retailer that he remained an inventory …


While I waited for the receipt of components for my new sound system, I had a new son four strands to add a tricolor LED lighting in the cabin. I love the hushed atmosphere and existing lighting is interesting, but a bit too bright for my taste. Navigation and night, I love a red light, which allows you to see without eyes soak light which reduces night vision. It took a day to successfully pass four son needed. At least, I’m spoiled with a little gadget: there is a microphone on the controller, which will allow the system to change the colors on the rhythm of the music. It complements the nightclub atmosphere with the mirror ball and laser projectors that I bought last year … Who is dancing on board?

So, who said spending son in a boat also said rubbing on the hull … A boat hull is made by layering sheets of fiberglass, which are then impregnated with epoxy resin. When rubbed on the hull, glass shards return us to the skin. It’s even worse when you have to drill holes, because the lock releases thousands of tiny needles that are inserted directly into the skin. So I learned the hard way that it is better not to do it in T-shirt and shorts … The calves and forearms were so sensitive that the friction of clothing on the skin was sufficient for I have the impression that a swarm of bees had stung me. Ouch!

While I amused myself cripple me, Basil came to tell me that his men had finished a makeover to my shell: 3 inches thick shells were missing, a good sanding was right the rest of the painting anti-algae and two coats of Pettit Vivid restored a great look to the boat. Wednesday, November 12, Jayana was back in the water after 6 days on the hard.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 16.25.47

The next day, Chris Florida Rigging came to fitting the new forestay and furling bringing my new sail for the big time. With an ocean crossing program in the coming months, it is a veil that I wanted to have to maximize my safety and comfort at sea.

Although two weeks have been very productive, it still have much work unanswered:

  1. Finish the installation of reverse osmosis (desalination)
  2. End audio system installation
  3. Inventing support for the BBQ
  4. Solidify the stairs (crunches)
  5. , joining the wall that separates the cabin port side of the forward cabin
  6. Band song to put on the panel in the shower
  7. Set the issue of sealing of the two doors of the fridge
  8. Finish the installation of solar panels
  9. Install the sails and canvas
  10. Retrieve Schedule
  11. Check inventory and store spare parts
  12. Provisioning the boat

Interestingly: just before landing in Miami, the aircraft flew over the marina and I could take a picture of the marina which is currently Jayana. (circled in the header of this article)

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