The journey

From January 2015 to October 2015

Small cabotage and ocean crossing

We leave Quebec December 3, 2014 to join Jayana located in Hollywood, Florida. We will spend time in the company feasts of our respective parents. Shortly after, we will head to Key Biscayne for a few days to enjoy the beach and make some visits to amusement parks for children in company of some friends. Shortly after 6 January, we will put ourselves in the direction of the Bahamas, for a stay of about 6-8 weeks in the Exumas.

Sounda and children will fly to Puerto Rico in when we are in George Town and Sylvain will drive solo to bring the boat to Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We find out there’s dad Sounda for exploring the island. Then our route makes us coasting across the Virgin Islands from Puerto Rico and St. Martin. Our pace, our stops and our stays are still undetermined and will be modulated according to the meetings we will be there.

 In mid-May 2015, Sounda and child will return to Quebec for a few weeks while preparing the boat for the crossing to the Azores. I currently favor the option of the direct route, but it is possible to divert a few stopover in Bermuda. In an ideal world, the family waiting for me at the Café Sport in Horta, this legendary place among sailors. We expect foraging in the Azores for a few weeks before setting off to the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and others) in southern Spain.

November 2015 to April 2016

A terrestrial adventure

When the temperature will be less lenient in the Mediterranean, we will head south. Our first destination is Florida, where we leave for an 8-day cruise. This will be a first because we have never even set foot on a cruise ship!

Then, after spending Christmas with his family, moving our suitcases to Nicaragua for a tour of three weeks. Then it will be two months of exploration in Costa Rica before thinking to regain the cold Quebec to prepare our taxes and pay them the paperwork that accumulates during our absence.

May 2016 to May 2017

A year at sea

Jayana will meet in early May 2016 to remake her beauty and prepare to head towards Corsica, where we would stay for about a month. However, all the sailors advises us to be there after June 25, coinciding with the influx of tourists. To date, we plan to tour Italy in a hurry to win quickly Croatia. Paradis less crowded than the Balearic Islands, it will be our playground for 4 to 6 weeks. Then we will finish the season in the Mediterranean in the Greek islands.

The rest remains to be determined. We will continue in the West Indies until spring 2017, but it remains to be seen whether we will send Jayana on a cargo ship, do convey a crew or we will ferrying ourselves …

June 2017

Returning home?

At that time, we get to the first deadline we had given, that of traveling for two and a half years. Do we want to continue the journey to the Pacific? Did we will prefer that children be greatest before leaving? Or we may want to simply inspire Snow Birds that spend six months in Florida and Sea Birds become …

In any case, Jayana will go on sale … It will be a great opportunity to acquire a boat ready to sail and cruising around the world.

Itinerary to date

On this map, Jayana’s route is highlighted in red. The green dot that moves corresponds to all our comings and goings, including travel in our dinghy.

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  1. Comment by Scott Hathorne

    Scott Hathorne Reply 19 January 2016 at 8:16 am

    Seriously cool website site that outlines your incredible journey with the young family as I head to work this morning I’d be remiss to mention I am beyond insanely jealous right, just do it!

    Well, to this end, my wife have been discussing our eventual retirement and desire to get a boat she loves our chartering experiences on cameraman while I prefer to sail (monohauls). Omaha my way home to the airport, I stopped by the Beneteai dealer in Marina del Ray and saw the Sense 50. Seems to be the perfect hybrid configuration of the cats space with sail performance of the monohaul. Just doesn’t quite seem the true live aboard vs a coastal cruiser. You all are possibly change ginger my perspectives here – I’d love to hear what works or doesn’t as livery aboard.

    Your timing of the boat sale to my own timing to buy might work out. the equipment additions seem perfect and align with my wishlist. Please keep me in mind as your consider and confirm your plans. Look forward to hearing back.

    Fair winds and safe passage!

    All the best – regards,

    Scott Hathorne

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