Jayana’s crew: our family

The real driving forces of a sailboat comes from the crew cooperation, determination, creativity and adaptability.

Sylvain Beaudry

Captain, navigator, handyman and geek

Entrepreneur at heart, trained in computer science and instigator of this crazy project to leave everything and explore the world while we can.

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and to surpass itself. His quest for perfection could sometime be qualify as a disease, but in general, it allow him to think differently. His positive attitude means nothing can deter him from forcing his way forward, even if odds are against him.

Sounda Ladouceur

Admiral, planner, teacher and communications director

Eager for adventure and discovery, amateur scuba diving, jogging and yoga, enjoys cooking and eating, a passion for all that is “healthy”! She manages the organization hands of master of the family and all aspects related thereto (school board, hair, exercise, care sores, etc.). Fan of costumes, music and dance, she’s all you need to get the party started!

Maël Beaudry


Always curious with a propensity to wonder, sociable, handsome enough to drive girls crazy, passionate enough with entomology to make it his profession. He dreams of following in the footsteps of Esteban looking wonderful cities of gold and George Brossard for travelling around the world to collect insects. (6 years)

Lohan Beaudry

Marine apprentice, happy camper and jester

Driven by a perpetual joy of life, he has a gift to be bring smiles on all faces, even the gallows. Creative, expressive, patient and accommodating, he manages to fulfill all his desires with a vocabulary of a few words and gestures. (3 years)

Crewing on Jayana

From time to time, we enjoy the company of an additional crew member. You can find more information on the Crewing aboard Jayana page.

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