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Ready for new adventures

Our adventure aboard Jayana is now over. We are going to become land creatures for a few years so it is with regret that we have to part with beloved sailboat. Jayana has valiantly carried us from one end of the Atlantic to the other (twice!), and this boat is already well prepared to bring another family to sail to new adventures.

Living aboard Jayana is pretty much living the sailing dream with much compromises. The boat is easily maneuvered single-handed, as evidenced by a solo crossing of 7 days between Bahamas and Puerto Rico. Dock&Go makes any tight dock maneuvering as easy as playing a video game.

Over the past five years, we have invested a lot of time and money to improve Jayana’s reliability. The level of complexity of the Beneteau Sense and the fact that it is a new model at Beneteau required much work to spend less time in maintenance and more to enjoy our journey. Acquiring Jayana will allow you to benefit from all these improvements and in case of any failure, have access to a long history of troubleshooting and repair procedures.

We offer the boat $ 399,000 USD.

I offer the prospective purchaser a complete training on all the systems on board as well as on the repair of the various usual breakdowns.

The boat is now available on Lake Champlain, NY. If you are interested, please contact me: by email .

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