Returning at sea

14 March 2019

That’s it, it’s now official, Jayana will find the sea in a few weeks for new adventures! Our faithful mount, having found no new owners, could not resign himself to remain locked in Lake Champlain. The kids were eager for new adventures on the boat, but “not at the lake” did they bother to specify. Mael dreams of going to a place full of fish, where you can fish with three trolling lines behind the sailboat …

The deliberations have been long because a return to sea Jayana is an important project, which requires a significant portion of time to set in motion. Although the boat is ready to go, it is still necessary to make some upgrades and a good cleaning. Then, it takes a week for the dismast and descent operation in the locks and the Hudson to get to New York. And finally, once at sea, we head for where? Will it be the Boston area, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket? Maine? And if we wanted to push a little further … … the Azores?


I’m sparing you the details, but a series of factors such as water temperature, summer traffic, climate variability, possible activities with children and wintering costs have tipped the scales towards one of our options. Thus at the dinner on March 12, the family accepted the necessary compromises to undertake a new maritime adventure.

This is how we made the choice to go to the Azores, one of our big favorite of the trip. Sounda and the children who could not see Flores and Corvo, this is where their journey begins. We will take the opportunity to hike the islands that we did not have time to visit during our first visit: Graciosa and Sao Jorge. Maybe we will go back to Pico too, the kids are big enough to climb the volcano now … Our stay in the Azores will last a month. The yacht will then be landed in Terceira and will continue to be displayed for potential buyers.

Want to join us?

Do you dream of crossing the ocean? You want to get sailing experience in all conditions? Are you looking for an adventure that will remain rooted in your memory the rest of your life?

I offer the opportunity to join me for the crossing of the Atlantic. The details will be published in a few days, but you will have the opportunity to rent a cabin aboard Jayana in July for the crossing of the Atlantic. There are only two cabins available, it will be a unique opportunity to make an ocean crossing in the comfort of a modern sailboat.

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