A little paradise

2 April 2015

For several weeks we promise you to spend more time writing on our blog. We had several good reasons to spend time doing something other than being in front of our computer, but now that the routine begins to be properly installed and that our computer is (almost) functional, we must put ourselves in the task! For several days I write texts on the crossing and Puerto Rico, we particularly appreciated, but I realize that the days go by that I write about this. While waiting for the texts on our past are ready, I share a bit of everyday life, it is time that we enjoy today.

“Who has not dreamed of deserted islands populated with legends, sudden adventures that would unfold in the bend of a path, who never dreamed of seeing the sun and wind to guide its destiny in the heart of the Caribbean, to rejoice on happiness and splendor of azure blues and laughters of his own children… “

This is how we live in the last three months, and today we dropped anchor in the small protected bay of Culebrita, one of the most easterly of the Spanish Virgin Islands. This is a desert island we reached after an hour of navigation. We have first found the catamaran crew Chantemer, a family party of Quebec for almost a year with their two boys. We met a few days earlier between two return to the store, but the roads were different then we did not spent time together. As soon as the anchor hanging at the bottom, their two boys arrived by dinghy to further knowledge with Mael and Lohan. While the boys were playing inside, we took the opportunity to go swimming on the back of the boat in the crystal clear water perfect temperature ~ 85F. As the air is constantly 27C with a pleasant wind, the weather is just what can be done to better the world. This is also a confusing thing here: no one talks about temperature, weather. As everything is perfect, perfect, they should focus their energies to other causes. And what we encounter most often is people deeply happy, proud of their island and enthusiastic about the future. It changes awfully Quebec.

Sunset in Culebrita

In the evening, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset that was given to us to see during this trip. The night was good (although a little swell) and we were leading for a new adventurous day. It started with a climb in the mountains of the island to visit the old lighthouse. This is the last building still standing that dates from the Spanish regime (1886) on the islands of Culebra. The view is just beautiful and the boys were surprised to have a welcoming committee formed at the top of a herd of wild goats. As we could pick up a signal on our phones antennas nearby islands, we took the opportunity to fill new (and give some to our loved ones). Back at the boat, we deliberated on our options: set sail to St. Thomas or stay more in the sector to return to enjoy this idyllic place. We opted to stay, which gave us time to discover the natural whirlpool bath that exists on the island. A beautiful pool that the sea fills each wave with bubbles whirl. The place is breathtaking and is especially worth …

Back on the beach, we hung the boots on the white sand beach with perfect waves for Lohan and Mael who had fun like crazy. A place to dream as we have met many in the Bahamas and are more rare in these parts of mountains. We remain a dive site in fabulous snorkeling where apparently we can swim with the turtles. This will probably be the adventure that awaits us after tomorrow …

We have restored our neighborhoods in Culebra, but in a less crowded bay, we found our friends Chantemer to spend beautiful moments in the evening.

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