Narrative of a journey (2/2)

17 March 2014

I live in a bubble
In the middle of a city
Sometimes my heart is grey
And behind the window
I feel fall boredom
On the pallid faces
And under the heavy steps
That dragged the passers-by
So from the bottom of me
Rises a wind from the sea
As strong as the storm
As sweet as love
And the ocean calls me
With a velvet voice
And draws in my body
The moving
The moving of the wave

These lyrics from I would like to see the sea resound in my head since my return to Montreal. I’m actually back among the pallid faces strikes me the most, it is breaking the link with nature. They are completed the movements of the boat, the whistling of the wind in my ears and the clatter of molluscs on the hull.  I am really happy to find my family, but I still feel a void after having lived my most beautiful solitary adventure.

It must be said that this was still pretty intense. Upon my arrival in Fort Lauderdale, I had 36 hours to provision and prepare the boat before exiting. I had enough time, but I wasn’t losing half a day to cause that Beneteau dealer has not given me a compatible wind sensor for my boat. It was a piece that I considered important to let me put the boat on autopilot set to the apparent wind. When I dropped the mooring lines, my friends at the marina asked me to reconsider my departure given my State. But I had a near perfect weather window and I knew that the happiness of being off would largely compensate for the accumulated fatigue.

My trip lasted 18 days and I’ve been on the move 40% of the time. (168 h) most of the time, I was traveling overnight to allow me to appreciate stopovers or get day in new places. Nine nights (50%) were thus devoted to navigation under the stars. I had felt a trip by 750 nautical miles, but finally I walked 1054 miles (1951km). Part of the difference can be explained by a big detour to Bimini because I wanted to make a surprise to friends. I wasn’t sure if they would still be there, but I still wanted to take the chance.

Return to the marina, I had only 48 hours to clean the boat and Polish the metal parts to prevent corrosion. Indeed, the combination of salt and the Sun causes even rust on metals such as the stainless. I have therefore not too busy since the moorings have linked the boat at the dock!

This morning, I put the finishing touches on a video that I have prepared a long travel. I wanted Mael and Sdgsdgsd to accompany me over the days, but I think you’ll enjoy just as much as them viewing.

Here also the suite and the end of my logbook:



vxlvJAccording to all guides water, it is the Kingdom of the Goms. Fisheries in collecting several million per year on this island. We are left to the exploration of this island that is simply breathtaking space. As there’s not much water, I hooked the foot of the motor in the rocks during a lack of caution. Fortunately, has not had breaks, but I was pretty cautious after! If ever a day you go through there, I strongly recommend Jamaica Cay beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen…

On the way back, we had a wonderful gift: a group of dolphins playing and we were able to be approached by dinghy. I took the opportunity to jump in the water and take a few sequences among them. Then, I rode in the mast to fix the lazy jack, which had been damaged the previous day.

Ragged Island


The Ragged Islands, it is the Bahamas with 50 years ago. With a permanent population of only 56, there is much less fishing than elsewhere. Thus, marine life is more likely to survive. The Islands are gorgeous and definitely as beautiful as the Exumas. In water, there is much less algae on coral, so habitats are more beautiful and more varied. The inhabitants are really generous and sympathetic. More surprising is to see that they are mobilized to build a structure on the neighbouring island of their own so that the travellers have a place to settle down and have a drink. (To see the video).

Here, we took the opportunity to connect to the Internet. It’s been a week that I did not have connection and I know that this is the last time before Florida. We must therefore adjust more thing while we are here. I’m trying to equate to repair the generator, but it seems that the impeller blade has been removed and that it blocks the engine cooling circuit. I have so many problem with the generator I’ll completely change the cooling circuit for the next year.

Cay Sal Bank

Pasted Graphic 1

I was expecting to be alone in this secluded area and away from any important destination. What was not my surprise when a boat full of fishermen has wet anchor near my boat and they began to work throughout the night. Nassau fishermen comb every corner of their country to vacuum and clean all the seabed to make a few bucks with the life that is there. I thought that here, I’d be far enough away from everything to find areas that would not be operated, but this was not the case. In fact, I feel that it is more interesting on the side of the Ragged Islands. I was still able to Exchange 4 Coronas against 2 lobster. But the fishermen warned me: there are a lot of sharks-Tigers who come to Cay Sal to have their young, so it can be quite dangerous for pataugeurs like me…



At Bimini, I returned to civilization. The town is deserted by the browsers, but there are still restaurants, shops and the Internet. I quite easily found Lilly Rose, the boat from our friends and they invite me for dinner with them. We will end the day on a beach where you can pet wild stripes…

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