Who are we?

A French Canadian traveling family

After ten years of dreaming about it, we cast off our shore lines between 2014 and 2017 for a trip that took us from Florida to Greece, round trip. The downtime the pandemic has given us has allowed our children, now aged 10 and 13, to review their memories. Nostalgia for the most beautiful moments of this trip kicked in and they begged us to leave. This is how Jayana leaves for a new journey that will take our adventurers to the heart of the Mediterranean and then to the Bahamas.

Where are we?

In the Caribbean

AIS Location

Through the onboard AIS transmitter and a VHF antenna array picking up the signal from ships near the coast, it is possible to spot virtually every cargo ship on the planet. Jayana is also equipped with such a transmitter and you can follow its progress on the MarineTraffic site.


Two satellite tracking beacons are hidden on board, allowing real-time tracking of the vessel’s movement. The advantages are numerous, including that of providing peace of mind to our loved ones knowing that in case of danger, help will always be where we can be found.

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